preschool enrichment

During the first five years of life, the stimulation which the brain receives can set the stage for success or frustration when it comes to later learning.

A young child’s brain is very malleable, with its environment greatly influencing the pruning and organizing of the neuron pathways. There are many well-researched practices of preschool enrichment which can support your child in being better prepared for kindergarten and grade 1, many of which are essentially free to implement.

Should your child be struggling with preschool expectations, or should the formal school experience not be a good fit, once or twice weekly visits can be arranged and, with a parent present, preschool activities provided for your child in the comfort of your own home.  Most likely, within a month or two and given a list of resources and activities, you will be able to take over leading these activities and ensure that your child will succeed in kindergarten.