Is Home School A Good Choice For Your Family?

home school

Whether you are exploring the option of home school for your children or have already decided to take on this great responsibility, having someone to bounce ideas off of or trouble shoot with can ease much of the anxiety of a new venture.

Other areas of home school I can support you in are:

  • organizing unit studies
  • pacing the school work
  • demonstrating math & reading best practices (you learn how to use specific research proven techniques while watching me teach your children during one or two sessions)
  • home schooling on a shoestring budget
  • preparing you child for tests

“Karen displayed a high level of competency and resourcefulness when choosing curriculum materials for her children’s learning programs. Her thoughtfully researched materials coupled with well-paced and creative unit studies that integrated several subjects not only challenged and inspired her multi-aged students, but also met the BC Ministry learning outcomes.” from a Distributed Learning Teacher