Reviews of Karen’s Home School Conference Presentations:

“We have found Karen Effa to be an effective communicator who connects well with her audience.  Some of the feedback we have received with regards to Karen’s workshops:

`Very powerful and needed.  She was tender, humble, informed, honest and transparent.’

‘She was encouraging and yet so real – very well prepared with good flow to her presentation.’

Mrs. Effa consistently garners this type of feedback which is why she is one of the only two speakers we have invited back for the fourth year running.”  Sandra, Convention Coordinator

Below are some of the topics Karen has prepared presentations on. If you would like her to speak on a different topic, please contact her for further details.

New to Home Schooling

This presentation explains the legal obligations for those wishing to educate their children at home, as well as the benefits and limitations of being either enrolled (provincial distance learning program) or registered (traditional home schooling).  Also covered are tips on how to determine educational priorities, choosing student-sensitive curriculum, and some teaching strategies to get you off to a great start.


The Big Picture

Just as we would never leave on vacation without first putting some thought into where we want to go, the same is true for home schooling.  The answers to several ‘big’ questions, regarding educating your children at home, will direct your focus, guide your choices, in addition to letting you know when you have successfully arrived.  This presentation examines the big picture of home schooling.


Teaching your Child to Recognize the Counterfeits

Once our children have a solid Biblical worldview, some familiarity with opposing perspectives will be essential. Our post-Christian culture is awash with ideas flowing from Secular Humanism, Marxism, Transcendentalism, Post Modernism and Islamic ideologies. Ideas have consequences and our children need to be able to discern truth from error. This presentation on “Countering Culture: Arming Yourself to Confront Non-Biblical Worldview” will introduce you to tools for preparing your children.


The Short Story: Platform for Diverse Learning

Are you looking for ways to maximize the learning time with your children? Well, look no further. The short story is a marvelous tool for discovering aspects of sociology, psychology and ethics, to name a few. Regardless of grade, this unique literary form is a concentrated and rich educational vehicle. Some of the topics covered are: “what gives the short story such a powerful advantage, possible preparation, how to locate resources, and what does it actually look like”.


Be a Terrific Teacher by Friday

For thousands of years, successful teaching has rested upon several key practices.  So, though the required information and skills  for students can change, human nature does not.  This well-researched presentation covers the importance of relationship, investigative dialogue, sensory and tactile approaches, visuals, music, and narratives.


Pitfalls and Other Hazards of Homeschooling

Home schooling can be compared to a road trip.  You have a plan of where you want to go, but you don’t know all the situations you might encounter along the way. While traveling by car, recognizing and rightly responding to road signs ensures a more enjoyable trip.  Similarly, recognizing and rightly responding to the possible pitfalls and hazards of homeschooling will help you to reach your educational goals for your children.  Topics covered are family stress, rebellion, flexibility, disorganization, expectations, pride, and burnout.


Connected Learning (Unit Studies)

If you have a resistant learner or are “curriculum-exhausted”, teaching multiple levels, or love to be creative, then let Karen walk you through how to put together a personalized unit study (connected learning). The session will start off with gaining an understanding of your unique family paradigms which provides the foundation to crafting an individualized learning plan. This will be followed by a step-by-step presentation on the process. It’s easier than it sounds, making learning less stressful and more enjoyable in the long run.


Learning Through Nature

Learning through nature is not a new concept. It was first spearheaded in the 1800’s by Friedrich Froebel and later incorporated into Charlotte Mason’s educational system. It is now re-surging in popularity due to the Waldkindergarten model coming out of Germany. To name just some of the benefits, education through the study of nature stimulates curiosity, supports real-life experiential learning, physical coordination, and can even improve health. With her own rich heritage of outdoor exploration, Karen will present on how to facilitate this type of learning. It’s a highly rewarding and an inexpensive addition to your curriculum.

Homeschooling the Chronically Difficult Child – A Christian Perspective

This seminar encourages parents of children with additional challenges.  Shared with great empathy, a few simple suggestions are outlined to guide exhausted and stressed parents.  A list of additional resources is included.


Character Education

The potential of a life is most often found not in the education of an individual but in their character.  As the Greek philosopher Heraclitus said, “Character is destiny”.  This presentation equips you to tackle the what, why, where, and how of character education.  Canadian historian and author Donald Creighton said, “History is the record of an encounter between character and circumstance.”  Let us do our part to support our children in leaving a good record.