The Non-Grad School Grades

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Kindergarten to grade 9 differ from grades 10 – 12 as they are the years of broad exploration. In these foundational years, a love of learning is hopefully kindled as students are introduced to the broad spectrum of life. These are also the years that personal strengths, interests, and skills should be discovered to provide guidance with future career choices.

Teachers in public and private school are often juggling more responsibilities than is humanly possible, so it is not uncommon for a student to fall between the cracks if their learning style does not match up to the teacher’s teaching style.  Should you have concerns about your child which are not being adequately addressed by the school, an educational specialist can provide the support to help the student flourish.  Some areas worth considering are:

  • Learning style
  • Motivation
  • Undiagnosed learning challenges
  • Multi-sensory learning
  • ‘best practice’ study skills
  • the influence of music on the mind